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How does a newly hired employee update withholding elections before employment begins at NYP?

At NewYork-Presbyterian, newly hired employees should complete their Federal Taxes W-4 Form in Workday (NYP’s onboarding and employee self-service portal) prior to their employment start date.

Once submitted, newly hired employees have the option to go back and edit their elections prior to beginning employment at NYP. 

When completing a W-4 tax form, please review instructions (included on the form). To ensure the correct amount of taxes are withheld from your paycheck, consider using the IRS Tax Withholding Estimator. Please note: For tax year 2020, to claim dependents you must enter a whole dollar amount based on a full year figure. Using single number of dependents to claim dependents is no longer valid for tax year 2020.

After an employee has started employment at NYP, they must submit a new W-4 tax form to the Payroll department through HR Connects or via fax to 212-585-6755.  For additional information, search “withholding” on HR Connects.  For additional instructions, refer to the 2020 W-4 form Guide.

How it Works:

  1. If you are a newly hired employee who hasn’t started employment at NYP yet, log-in to your NYP Onboarding Portal (Workday). Reminder: If you have already started employment at NYP, visit the HR Connects website and search “withholding” for the instructions for current employees, as these are different.

  2. Type into the search bar “Withholding Elections” and click on it when it appears.


  1. You will then have the option to update your W-4 withholding elections.


  1. Once you have updated your withholdings, click ‘Update’ to save changes made.


For More Information:

Contact HR Connects through the chat at the bottom right of your screen.





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