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How do I apply to be a Volunteer at NYP?

NewYork-Presbyterian volunteers are warm and caring individuals who give back to their community. Volunteers offer their time, talent and dedication throughout the hospital in patient care and clerical settings providing an extra dimension of services to our patients and families. Volunteers are a vital part of NewYork-Presbyterian with more than 3,300 volunteers each year currently serving across our seven locations. Our volunteers come from unique backgrounds but are commonly interested in helping others. The attention they provide is invaluable to patients and families.

Volunteers are asked to give a minimum of one consecutive four hour period a week for a minimum of 150 hours. There are a variety of volunteer roles to fit individual time schedules, abilities and interests. Volunteers may work directly with patients or choose an assignment behind-the-scenes in clerical positions throughout the hospital. 

For More Information:

Please note that the HR team does not oversee this program and will be unable to provide additional information.

For more information about how to apply for volunteer opportunities at NYP, visit, and click on your campus of choice.



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