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How do I prepare for a virtual job interview with NYP?

In response to the COVID-19 outbreak, our interview process has been adjusted to minimize in-person contact to protect our employees, candidates, and patients. Whether you are a candidate relocating from across the country or seeking a new career while social distancing, NYP is committed to connecting with the best talent around, and virtual interviews make that connection possible.

We know that preparing for an interview can be a daunting experience, and having a virtual one adds a different dimension. Rest assured, NYP is here to help. Here are some useful tips for ensuring you have the best virtual interview possible.

How it Works:

A virtual interview takes places online, using a video conference platform through a smart phone or computer. NYP is currently using Modern Hire and Zoom as our primary platforms for conducting virtual interviews.  

  1. Join the interview early. Our team will email you a link to access the video conference several days prior to your interview. At least 15 minutes before your interview, click the link and make sure you are able to turn on your video and sound.

  2. Make sure your internet, camera, and sound is working properly. A strong internet connection will ensure that your interview does not get interrupted. Prior to your interview, test your camera to make sure your face is clearly visible and your sound is working.

    • Tip: If you do not have access to a camera or run into issues with your computer audio, both Modern Hire and Zoom allow you call in to the meeting from a phone! The call in number is included in your interview confirmation email. 

  3. No Distractions. A quiet room where you can be alone is the best place to setup for your interview. Noise, talking, and lots of movement in the background can distract both you and your interviewer. Clear the room of distractions and make sure the space behind you is presentable. Zoom offers multiple options for virtual backgrounds that you can use to reflect your personality and guarantee that your surroundings are professional. *Note: At this time, Modern Hire does not offer virtual backgrounds. Please plan accordingly.

  4. Body language is still important. Even virtually your interviewer can tell if you are engaged by your body language. Nodding, smiling, and focusing your eyes on the camera lets the interviewer know that you are engaged in the conversation.

  5. Dress to impress. Even though you may be conducting this interview from your home, it’s still expected that you present yourself in a professional manner. Put your best foot forward! Treat this interview as you would an in-person one.

  6. Be prepared. The virtual interview is a chance for the interviewer to get to know you. Be ready to speak to your strengths and experiences. Know your resume and be prepared to give specific examples of how you have been stellar in your past roles. It’s also a chance for you to get to know NYP and the department as well, so come prepared with questions that will help you get a better idea of the team, culture, and role.

For More Information:

Get familiar with the virtual interviewing platform. Visit their website to access tutorials and get answers to frequently asked questions:

You many also contact your Talent Acquisition Recruiter directly or contact HR Connects through the chat at the bottom right of your screen.


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