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How do I Complete the Federal Perkins and Heartland ECSI Request for Deferment and/or Cancellation form?


Heartland ECSI is one of the many 3rd party, loan servicers owned by the U.S Department of Education (ED). Heartland ECSI handles an assortment of loans including health and nursing loans, private student loans, refinanced loans and Perkins loans.

Key Features:

A cancellation/deferment may be available if you are employed full-time as a:

  • A nurse or medical technician certified, registered, or licensed by the state.
  • A firefighter for a Federal, State, or local fire department or fire district.

How it Works:

Complete the ECSI Heartland Request for Perkins Deferment and/or Cancellation form per instructions. Then, forward your ECSI Heartland Request for Perkins Deferment and/or Cancellation form to HR Connects for verification of Employer Information and completion of the Employer Certification.

There are four sections that need to be completed.

  • Section 1: Borrower Identification (to be completed by the employee)
  • Section 2: Information (to be reviewed by the employee)
  • Section 3: Applicant Statement (to be completed by the employee and verified by HR Connects Advisors)
    • Start date can be located by going to Workday > Personal Information > About Me > Hire Date (Job Details)
  • Section 4: Employer Certification (to be verified and completed by HR Connects Advisors)
    • In place of an official stamp or seal, an employment verification letter and job description will be provided.

For More Information:

Visit Heartland ECSI at or call toll-free at 888.549.3274 for information on how to complete an application, create a profile, and general inquires.

Contact HR Connects through the chat at the bottom right of your screen.

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