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Does NYP have a Nurse Residency Program?

Overview Summary

NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital’s (NYPH) offers a one-year Nurse Residency Program as part of onboarding for all new graduates of baccalaureate programs hired into full-time nursing positions. This is a mandatory program for all new graduate clinical nurses hired at NewYork-Presbyterian. Residents will participate in seminars designed to smooth the transition from nursing student to professional clinical nurse – with an emphasis on developing clinical and leadership skills.

  • Benefits
  • Resident Expectations

How it Works:

Program Benefit

As a Nurse Resident at NYPH, you will:

  • Participate in structured educational experiences to develop clinical nursing competence and professional skills
  • Enjoy membership in a supportive cohort that fosters professional growth
  • Practice in an environment committed to learning

Resident Expectations

  • Fulfill all Program and professional obligations in clinical service including attendance at all seminars
  • Provide and evaluate care using evidence-based practice, research skills, and quality data
  • Complete demographic and outcomes measurement tools during the prescribed time frame
  • Evaluate the Program, preceptors, and facilitators


For More Information:

To learn more about the Nurse Residency Program, go to

Visit to apply for Nursing opportunities.


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